I saw this video clip the day Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ was first discovered. I was sitting at my desk at work first thing in the morning, when I saw the news bit (I think it was on Yahoo). When I saw the “apparition,” my first reaction was…”Wow! That’s real!” I emailed Garrett of Haunted New Jersey (RIP) to find out if he’d seen it?

Just after emailing Garrett, and having watched it several times, I began to wonder about the video and Googled it. I read from some people that if you watch a longer clip of the video, you can see camera people outside passing by a window and the workers’ shadows were being cast into the room. So that’s all it was: the sun casting a shadow of a worker passing by the window.

Garrett wrote me back saying he had not seen the video. I told him it was debunked.

Still, it was worth the 20 minute creep-factor. :)

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